SXSE Springfest 2016 benefits Lawson Academy of the Arts at Converse College, Spartanburg

CARMA’s next event, SXSE Springfest at The Music Camp on April 22-23, benefits Lawson Academy of the Arts at Converse College in Spartanburg. Your donation could enable a child to attend summer day camp, receive classes in visual arts, creative writing, music, dance, and theater or help a special needs child benefit from individual music therapy sessions. Rich in history and known for its tradition in educational excellence in music and dance, Lawson Academy serves more than 1,000 families each year and introduces Converse music students to the very important and needed service of teaching.  Learn more about Lawson Academy here:

Art Contest! We invite you to create the online and poster image of SXSE Springfest!

SxSE16ArtContestSXSE Springfest 2016 Art Contest

Enter our 2016 Art Contest! Here’s what you need to know….

The purpose of the contest is to design artwork for SXSE Springfest 2016 that takes place at The Music Camp, April 22-23, 2016. The images will be used in print and online. Versions of artwork may be subject to change.

The winner will be credited on our social media channels and website. Winner will receive 2 VIP passes, a complimentary booth and 2 weekend guest passes at this year’s festival. The winning design will be used on all festival materials  and the web. * The winner will be notified by email on February 29th.

To learn more about SXSE Springfest, visit these links:

The Details

Submit artwork in 3 formats. Examples of past festival images inserted (not to be duplicated):

  1. Cover photo for Facebook – scale to 851 x 315 pxls
    Include only the following: Carma Presents SXSE Springfest at The Music Camp April 22-23 (Band names to be provided later)
  2. Square image for Instagram – scale to 1080 x 1080 pxls
    Include only the following: Carma Presents SXSE Springfest at The Music Camp April 22-23 – 15 Regional Bands, Artisan & Food Vendors, Camping, Silent Disco – Spartanburg –
  3. Printed Poster – 11” x 17”
    Leave room at the bottom for sponsor logos.
    Include only the following information:
    CARMA presents SXSE Springfest at The Music Camp, April 22-23, 2016 – Spartanburg SC
    Carma logo, The Music Camp logo and QR code.
    Live Music * Artisan Vendors * Food Vendors * Free Camping * Family Friendly *
    Band names to be provided later.

Images for web reference:

  • The entries must be submitted in PNG format
  • No more than 3 entries may be submitted by any one entrant.
  • Entries must conform to the Submission Guidelines. Entries which fail to do so will be rejected.
  • Your email must include the name, age, postal address, phone number and email address of the entrant.
  • Carma will email to you the logos and QR code.
  • The deadline for entries is 6AM EST on February 27th, 2016.
  • There is no fee to enter the contest.
  • Submit inquiries and entries by email to